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That is when it started. We were a group of moms who wanted our kids to get a quality education with skill-based knowledge and personalized lesson plans for each kiddo to flourish their own flaws and flows. Started in small, but here we are stronger than ever and immensely powerful.

We clubbed ourselves together so that we can teach our own kids, some of our friends and everybody that we could cover get the quality education that we thought to provide reaching everybody making each and every kid getting the privilege to learn what they can learn.

As we grew up, we spread ourselves to the schools and started noting each and every child. Nobody should be graded F is what we focus. We do this based on reasons and problem-solving skills, analyze the kid, give them personal lesson plans, schedule them one to one mentor sessions in such a way that they can learn and correct their flaws.

Kids are so delicate and so special. Each and every concept cannot be spoon-fed to the kids, but they can be guided to be independent by understanding the concept and preparing them to be ready to stand for their own problems.

We as parents and teachers have the prior responsibility to spot out what they need, what the child lacks and what can be given to the kid.

We are Refresh Kid and we pay attention to these details and serve the kid with personalized lesson plans, free mentor sessions and make sure that the child understands the concept and gives them enough practice to make them ace the concepts.

Every child is excelling. In our eyes and our vision, no child is a failure. A child needs perfect knowledge about how the concept could be understood or the child needs perfect practice about the same concept to start and ace any subject many people lack here and we never want to lose a kid to lack this.

Refresh Kid also prepares any interested kid for math competitions, such as Noetic Math, Math Olympiad, Math League, AMC, AMC 6, AMC 8, AMC 12, Math Kangaroo, Math Counts, PSAT, SAT and a lot more. All that a kid needs to do is tell us what is his/her focus competition and dedicate passion to our lessons. We are a math-focused organization and we give high priority to match in learning to nurture and cultivate different aspects of learning math.

Basically, learning is no magic. It's a layer covering the concept of knowledge and practice. When these come in handy, definitely a kid will be able to master and finish a subject.

What tiny beautiful kids has during their learning concepts and blooming their subjects matters us. RefreshKid has always been one of the life-changing organizations and we focused on content and fulfilment of the kid’s personal fulfilment..